Research Group on Plastic Films

Research Group on Plastic Films
  Plastic films are widely used for food packaging, auto motives, architecture, medical equipment and electrical equipment, and the market is expanding continuously. Research Group on Plastic Films is established for the purpose of the progress of research on plastic films on the assumption of growth of the technology of polymer science. The function of plastic film is continuously developing not only by designing plastic material using polymerizing and compounding technology freely, but also by controlling the structure precisely using molding and analyzing technology. Our group holds three annual meetings, one on research to be held in July and two on lecture in October and March. One of the most attractive points of the meetings is that we get a chance to know the history and transition of the polymer technology by attending the lectures which are given by the number of researchers who have been contributing themselves to the project for a long time. Furthermore, the annual meetings are held on many category of business such as food and industry, on many types of business including upstream and downstream industries, on all organization from industry, academia and the government. We hope that the participants will have a chance to see things in a new point of view in their research by harmonizing with different category of industry. Moreover, we hope that the participants will raise the spirit of inquiry after hearing the lecture on similar category of research, and also continue to search the technology for the further development.

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