Research Group on Polymer Gels

Research Group on Polymer Gels
 Since its inauguration in 1986, this symposium has played a pioneering role in integrating chemistry, physics, materials science, food science, pharmacology, medicine, etc.; this led to an interdisciplinary research field which greatly benefited polymer gel research through mutual collaboration and exchange of fundamental and application oriented knowledge. After 30 years of the inception, cutting age technologies have boosted the advances in polymer synthesis, processing, characterization. Polymer gels are now receiving a great deal of attention due to their versatile potential applications, such as in medical fields, as alternative materials for drug delivery, cell culture, articular cartilage and lens, and also contributing to robotics by making use of 3D printing technology. Polymer gels thus have evolved as promising materials for providing solutions to problems in our daily life.
 Activity of this study group is a combination of a bunch of colorful programs including Gel Workshop for young scientists after the Symposium on Macromolecules organized by SPSJ, Research Seminar in autumn mainly for companies, and Gel Symposium in winter, in addition to the planning for focus themes for SPSJ events and holding an international conference GelSympo. This study group offers an opportunity for fruitful discussion and exchanging information on advanced gel research and helps to construct a sustainable network among the researchers and young attendees from companies, public institutes, and universities. We maintain our traditions observed in the last 30 years of gel research and would like to expand our activities further by leading the world in gel research for the next 30 years. Your active participation in this study group is the key to our success.
 We have the official Facebook page of our group.

Akira Kakugo (Hokkaido University)

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