Research Group on Precisely Designed Network Polymer

Research Group on Precisely Designed Network Polymer
   Networked polymers are inconspicuous but indispensable materials used in various fields. Their insoluble and infusible nature resulting from the three-dimensionally networked structure allows for their application in areas where high reliability and durability are required. However, the maximum performance of networked polymers, as expected from their molecular structures, has not yet been achieved: the undesired residual reactive sites and insufficient intermolecular crosslinking are still unresolved issues. In addition, some aspects in gtrade-offh relationships such as heat resistance and toughness have remained difficult to achieve simultaneously.
   In our research group on precisely designed network polymers, gdevelopment of new synthetic methods and achievement of a precise control of reactions,h gmaterial design based on self-assembly and hybridization,h and gnew strategies for precise structural analysis and computer simulationh are the three key elements, which allow to bring together the state-of-the-art in a broad range of research fields, thus leading to innovative concepts that would overcome the above-mentioned difficulties. A variety of workshops, lab tours, and forums will be held to promote industry-academia personnel exchanges, which are highly desirable for the development of the next generation of networked polymers. This research group welcomes applications from researchers focusing on networked polymers as well as from researchers in other fields.

Koji Arimitsu (Tokyo University of Science)

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