Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  The Research Group on NMR (RGNMR) was formed in October 1980 to promote communication amongst the members of the SPSJ who were incorporating NMR studies in their research. Since the first symposium held on the 31st May, 1981 in Kyoto, RGNMR continues the activity for thirty five years. To date, various state-of-the-art NMR techniques, which enable us to characterize polymers in detail, has been developed.  However, the improvements are too extensive and rapid to catch up with by individuals.
  The main activities of the RGNMR are the symposia held in the spring and autumn of each year. Each symposium will feature various topics of current interests, where leading researchers are invited to do presentations describing their latest researches on these themes. The basic NMR study course is also organized for the young NMR scientists. We hope all of you will actively participate in the symposia and the study course.  The members are able to discuss problems and exchange ideas pertaining to their research interests. Problems you have at hand may have been solved by some other members. From this viewpoint, we hold poster sessions in conjunction with the spring meetings: poster awards are also provided. Not only high-quality presentations but also unfinished ones are highly welcomed. The discussion in the poster sessions gives us a chance to receive an update on the latest research in the field and then generate active co-operation and communication among the members.

Naoki Asakawa (Gunma University)

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