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Inaugural Address for The 33rd Presidency of
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

What a Vigorous Future by Polymer Science !

Yoshiki CHUJO, President

The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) is now the biggest society in the world in the field of polymer science and engineering. The SPSJ was founded in 1951, and in these 65 years, the SPSJ has been active and led the polymer science and technology not only in the academic organizations but also in the industries. This great success should be completely owing to the efforts of the pioneers in the society and very active members previously and currently in the SPSJ.

In the present time, however, the SPSJ is facing the tough problems such as decrease of the number of members, some financial difficulty, a little mannerism, old-fashioned supporting systems at the headquarters, and so on. We should now solve these problems to make sure a promising and brilliant future of our society. As a result, I strongly hope that our lives should become more comfortable and vigorous by the contribution of polymer science. For this purpose, let me propose the following points as a new president, and thus on behalf of all the 33rd board members of the SPSJ.

“Why don't you enjoy the SPSJ all together?”

All the members can enjoy the activities of the SPSJ. They should feel the merits as a member of the SPSJ. For this, the strong supporting system through the office of headquarters would be required. As a result, a lot of chemists may become wishing to join the SPSJ as new members. Through the utilization of ICT (information communication technology), various types of public relations are promoted. Such examples include outreach activities to open public and also versatile collaborations between the scientists in academia and those in industry. In addition, it should be pointed out that the SPSJ members can enjoy our journals, “Kobunshi” (the official magazine of the society), “Kobunshi Ronbunshu” (the world oldest academic journal in the field of polymer science), and “Polymer Journal” (cooperating with Nature Publishing Group).

“World-Leading Society”

The contribution of the polymer scientists in Japan to the world-wide prosperity should be reminded. International exchange or global collaboration through the SPSJ would be very important to increase the presence or influence of our society in the world. The cooperation with international and domestic societies or communities related to polymer science will also be emphasized. One of the most important destination of the SPSJ is to be recognized as a strong world-leading society.

“Important People-Resources”

I want to point out here that the “MIRAIJUKU” (web-site for younger generation including high-school students) is one of the recent successful trials, which can be applied to that for senior generation. We also wish to organize many promising events cooperated with gPolymer Technology Executivef s Society, Japan (KOBUNSHI DOYUKAI)h. Webinar (web-seminar) is one of the most fruitful examples, and we would like to expand this system for much more effective broadcast teaching and education. It is also a good idea to apply this tutorial webinar to those in some Asian countries. We can expand and enrich the events of Asian Short Courses, too. The SPSJ may, as a result, show our influence increasing and strengthening in the world.

“Road-Map toward the Future”

The 100 years anniversary is just coming since the discovery of the concept of polymers (macromolecules having the covalent bonds connected). Now is a time to look over the next another century from the viewpoints of “What should be SPSJ?” or “How should act SPSJ?” in the coming several decades. To make clear our goal, let me propose here to draw up the road-map in the sense of future polymer science and also from the viewpoint of the society management. I strongly believe that this makes our future vigorous and brilliant.

As a president of the SPSJ, I sincerely give my personal dedication, and ask all members, headquarter office staffs, and all polymer scientists in the world for their kind and active cooperation to enable our society to become a world-leading polymer organization. Polymer science and technology should possess a huge possibility for improving our comfortable lives. What a vigorous future by polymer science through the SPSJ!

Yoshiki CHUJO, The 33rd President of The Society of Polymer Science, Japan