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Poster Awards

Winners of the Poster Awards

48 Winners of the Poster Awards were selected.
List of the winners


Some excellent poster presenters aged 35 or under as of April 1, 2016 are selected as the winners of IPC2016 Poster Awards.

IPC2016 Poster Awards
IPC2016 Young Scientist Poster Awards

We proudly announce that the following poster awards will be provided to the participants additionally to the original IPC awards.

Sponsored Awards
ACS Bioconjugate Chemistry Awards for S-4
ACS Langmuir Awards for S-3
RSC Polymer Chemistry Award for S-1
RSC Soft Matter Award for S-2
RSC Material Horizons Award for S-3
Springer Nature Polymer Journal Award for S-2
FAIS (Kitakyushu City) Joint-IFF Green Energy and Environmental Awards for S-5 and S-7
IST (Fukuoka Prefecture) Joint-IFF Best Product Award for S-6
ISIT (Fukuoka City) Joint-IFF Advanced Nano-bio Award for S-4