Research Group on Adhesion and Coatings
 In the field of "adhesion" and "coatings" technology, Research Group on Adhesion and Coatings aims at the following; study of the synthetic technology, organic material, inorganic material, physical properties evaluation, producing technique, supporting the inheritance of the conventional technology and creating a new technology.
 Adhesion and coatings are deeply related to various activities ranging from daily life to manufacturing industries such as automobile, electronics, construction, healthcare, food packaging and so on.
 Although adhesion and coatings seem different from each other in the application and required performance, they have a common point in terms of treating and reforming material surfaces. On other words, they are the technology to control the complex chemical and physical changes that produce stable states by adherence and immobilization of adhesives and coating agent on the surface of a material. Due to the specific nature of the phenomenon mentioned above, engineers and scientists have been forced to develop the technology empirically on a case-by-case basis.
 By defining adhesion and coatings as the technology building a new interfacial phase by changing from liquid state to solid state, we would like to provide opportunities for researchers involved in two different technical fields to get together and exchange their opinions. For such a place, we have held the related seminars 3-4 times a year. We hope that many researchers who have interested in adhesion and coatings will participate in our research group.


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