Research Group on Adhesion and Coatings
 Research Group on Adhesion and Coatings researches “Adhesion” and “Coatings” in the wide viewpoint about organic material, inorganic material, physical properties evaluation, producing technique, with purpose of extension of the conventional technology and creation of new technologies. Adhesion and coatings are necessary technologies for everything around our daily life, including automobile, machinery, electronics, construction, civil engineering, healthcare, food packaging, and the others. Therefore, the progress of these technologies leads to improvement of our infrastructure.
 Although adhesion and coatings seem different from each other in the application and required performance, they share much more points in common in the technology of surface and interfacial surface. We think of these technologies as a common point, that is a formation of a new layer through the change from liquid into solid in the interfacial surface. We would like to provide opportunities for researchers, engineers, and users involved in two different technical fields to get together and exchange their opinions. For such a place, we organize the related seminars 3-4 times a year. We hope that many people who have interested in adhesion and coatings will participate in our research group.

Yuya Yonekawa (Soken Chemical&Engineering Co.,Ltd)

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