Research Group on Basic Properties of Polymers

Research Group on Basic Properties of Polymers
    The fundamental subjects in polymer science are (1) to establish analytical method for investigating polymer structure, morphology, and polymer dynamics and (2) to elucidate the relationship among structure, properties, and function in polymer systems, which is much important from both view points of scientific basis and applications. Our "Research Group" aims to substantially understand the above fundamental subjects.
    For example, many kinds of novel polymeric materials having a wide various molecular structure are synthesized recently. However, polymer characterization often seems to be extremely difficult, and eventually the relation among structure and properties remains unclear. A new methodology for polymer characterization should be necessitated in some cases. In addition, the complicated morphology formed through polymer dynamics such as micro-phase separation is responsible for characteristic properties and useful function in polymer materials. It is, however, hardly understandable to reasonably evaluate the structure-properties correlation in both basic and applied polymer science.
    In order to dissolve and understand the fundamental subjects, therefore, it is necessary to propose novel methodology based upon new concepts and to create a new interdisciplinary field connecting basic and applied polymer researches.
    Our "Research Group" has two research seminars in every year (June and March), where advanced topics are provided and discussed extensively. In addition, we have an educational seminar annually (October) to introduce various experimental techniques to the beginners of polymer science. We strongly expect that many researchers and students join our "Research Group".

Hideaki Yokoyama
(Tokyo University)

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