Research Group on Basic Properties of Polymers

Research Group on Basic Properties of Polymers
The fundamental subjects in polymer science are (1) to establish analytical methods for investigating polymer structure, morphology, and polymer dynamics and (2) to elucidate the relationship among structure, properties, and function in polymer systems, which is much more important from both viewpoints of scientific basis and applications. Our "Research Group" aims to understand the above fundamental subjects substantially.
For example, many novel polymeric materials with various molecular structures have been synthesized recently. However, evaluating the fundamental physical properties of these materials is sometimes extremely difficult, and new evaluation methods are often required. In addition, polymeric materials often undergo complex structure formation dynamics to create a variety of aggregate and hierarchical structures, resulting in the development of characteristic properties and functions.
However, their systematic correlation is not fully understood.
To achieve the above objectives, original concepts and new analytical methods based on them are necessary; a new academic framework that links basic and applied research must be created.
Our research group holds a "research meeting" on cutting-edge topics around October and a "discussion meeting" jointly with other research groups around December to discuss various issues to solve the above-mentioned problems. In addition, a "course" will be held around May for beginners in polymer science to learn the established measurement and analysis methods.
We look forward to the active participation of those who are interested in our group.

Osamu Urakawa
(Osaka University)

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