Research Group on Biomedical Polymers
  Research Group on Biomedical Polymers is a historical group which has been promoting research and development based on the synthetic polymers and biopolymers to contribute health and welfare. In recent years, we vigorously adopt a variety of biomedical polymers based on research biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and others. We established an interdisciplinary and attractive area of academic research in cooperation with medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Also we conduct studies on medical devices, artificial organs, regenerative medicine, drug delivery system (DDS,) diagnostic pharmaceuticals and nano-medicine for further contribution to healing, diagnostic and prophylaxis. Research Group on Biomedical Polymers hosts the following three events and offer the latest information and opportunities for exchange of views about studies on Biomedical Polymers. In "Symposium" taken place in summer for two days, a wide range of studies on different stages from the basic science to the clinical applications are presented and discussed. "Lecture Meeting" is for explanations of basic and advanced level of Biomedical Polymers and their recent trends mainly toward the young researchers of companies, universities, and also of different fields. "Research Seminar" is a place for discussions on the most recent and specific topics. We encourage your participation who are motivated to start research on this area and to develop next-generation biomedical polymers.

Yuichi Ohya (Kansai University)

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