Research Group on Biomimetics

Research Group on Biomimetics
   Biomimetics is technology learning from the structures, functions and production processes of living organs, and invented synthetic fibers and electric circuits at the last century. From the beginning of this century, global deployment of nanotechnology has provided a new system of technology based on interdisciplinary fusion of biology, natural history, materials science and engineering. Biomimetics attracts attention from industry as a novel technology trend providing new developments of materials design, manufacturing processes, and the innovation for sustainability. This research group has been launched as an open innovation platform for universities, museums, research institutions, and industrial companies on the basis of interdisciplinary cooperation of Polymer Science, Japan with other academic and industrial associations. It is another important missions of this research group to perform the certification and proposal to International Standardization Organization (ISO) as a domestic deliberative organization corresponding to the international standardization (TC266) of biomimetics, under the cooperation of the related associations of Japan.

Masatsugu Shimomura (WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University)

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