Research Group on Biomimetics

Research Group on Biomimetics
Biomimetics is a concept that develops new technologies and manufacturing by taking cues from the unique structures, functions, and production processes of living organisms. The research group focusing on biomimetics was first established in 2012 as a platform for raising issues and exchanging opinions from various perspectives, including universities, museums, companies, and national institutes. The mission of this research group is to provide a platform where researchers from various disciplines gather to discuss biomimetics from different perspectives, accelerate interdisciplinary collaboration, and to further develop biomimetics into a new interdisciplinary research field. In particular, we have recently focused on ecomimetics. Ecomimetics is based on understanding ecosystems from the viewpoint/world-view of non-human creatures, which is an evolution of the concept of biomimetics. We are also discussing the development of materials and production processes that will enable coexistence between humans and non-humans, and the realization of a sustainable and recycling-oriented society. In addition, as a domestic deliberative body for the international standardization of biomimetics (TC266), this research group also plays an important role in providing certification and recommendations to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our research group generally holds research meetings three times a year and international symposium (NaBIS: Nagoya Biomimetic International Symposium) to disseminate the latest useful information and actively promote the solid establishment of interdisciplinary/international networks through exchanges with researchers in Japan and overseas. We look forward to the active participation of those who interested in biomimetics and ecomimetics.

Atsushi Hozumi (AIST)

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