Forum on Biopolymers Science, SPSJ
 Forum on Biopolymers Science, SPSJ has been started aiming to realize the detailed function of biomolecules and to create the artificial materials based on their function. This research group has been trying to amalgamate with biology, medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences in the context of biopolymers and has been breaking new field under The Society of Polymer Science, Japan.
 In this research group, two major events are held in every year. One is the symposium on biopolymers science, which is usually held on late July or early August. In this symposium, members present and discuss recent developments of their own works. Members belonging to this research group put particular emphasis on the mechanism of what they discovered or developed rather than their practical application, which is the key feature of this research group. This deep interest in the science and discussion have promoted a lot of collaborations and produced advanced technologies. The other event is small workshop held after the Symposium on Macromolecules, in which first-line scientists are invited and introduce their cutting-edge and stimulating works. This event is also useful to promote or activate young students and scientist.
 Our research group is open and always keep interested in other fields. Besides scientific activities, we are aiming at encouraging and growing young scientists who are responsible for the next generation. We are willing to welcome anyone who shares our views.
 This research group has been focusing on the following fields.
1) Creation of functional polypeptides and proteins.
2) Functional nucleic acids, nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides.
3) Functional macromolecules based on the oligo- and poly-saccharides.
4) Organization of biomembrane, artificial membrane, and supramolecule.
5) Artificial regulation and analyses of living cells, interaction between the cells and polymers.

Kazushi KINBARA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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