Research Group of Ecological Materials

Research Group of Ecological Materials
  The aim of this research group is to establish a new Ecological Materials (EcoMaterials) by a strong collaboration with scientists and engineers in biology, chemistry, and physics. Our focus includes development of novel monomers and polymers from renewable resources, novel biodegradable polymers, and polymers with advanced environmental functions, as well as control of physical and mechanical properties of such ecofriendly polymers. With the cooperation of Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA), we also focus on cutting-edge product technology and social technology to promote ecofriendly polymers. In this research group, we organize three annual events, including two meetings (July, October) and one symposium (March) for the discussion among researchers both from industry and academia. There is a growing demand for bio-based/biodegradable plastics and polymers as a solution to global environmental and waste management problems. Research on biodegradable/bio-based plastics and polymers has been carried out worldwide with the aim of achieving a balance between human activities and the natural environments. We welcome all the people who have been involved or are interested in EcoMaterials research.

Hideki Abe (RIKEN)

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