Research Group of Ecological Materials

Research Group of Ecological Materials
   The aim of this research group is to establish a new Ecological Materials (EcoMaterials) by a strong collaboration with scientists and engineers in biology, chemistry, and physics. We research the creation of biodegradable materials and polymers, development of bio-based polymers and composites, recycling of limited resources through biological processes, and control of mechanical properties at molecular level. For further development of human society with emphasis on the sustainability of a beautiful global environment to our remotest descendants, it is necessary to reduce the utilization of fossil fuels and to establish new processing technology to convert biomass to materials and polymers by using biological methods. There is a growing demand for biodegradable/bio-based plastics as a solution to global environmental and waste management problems. Research on biodegradable/bio-based plastics and polymers has been carried out worldwide with the aim of achieving a balance between human activities and the natural environments. In this research group, three annual meetings are scheduled for the discussion among researchers both from industry and academia. We welcome all the people who have been involved or are interested in EcoMaterials research.

Hiroshi UYAMA (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)

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