Research Group on Polymer Gels

Research Group on Polymer Gels
   Since its founding in 1986, the Polymer Gel Research Group has been a pioneer in integrating various fields such as chemistry, physics, materials science, food science, pharmacies and medicine; this led to an interdisciplinary research field which greatly benefited polymer gel research through mutual collaboration and exchange of fundamental and application-oriented knowledge. For more than 30 years, the research group has incorporated peripheral technologies such as advanced synthesis and polymer processing techniques, while demonstrating the construction of molecular design networks and innovative mechanical properties. In addition, the development of structural analysis and measurement technologies is also supporting cutting-edge gel research. Currently, the attempts of applying high-performance polymer gels to biomaterials such as articular cartilage and contact lens, drug delivery systems and medical fields including cell culture substrates, and soft robotics using 3D printer processing technology have also been of active research interest. Polymer gels will not only contribute to material science innovation but also will play roles to solve future social problems.
 The activities of this research group include gel workshops, autumn workshop lectures, gel symposium in winter, organized by the Society of Polymer Science. These activities provide a forum for researchers from industry, government, and academia to share information and contribute greatly to the establishment of an intimate gel research network. We are proud to inherit our long tradition in the gel research, and determined to stay as the world-leader in this highly interdisciplinary field. We look forward to your active participation.
 We have the official Facebook page of our group.

Sakai Takamasa (UTokyo)

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