Research Group on Green Chemistry

Research Group on Green Chemistry
   The industrial production volume of polymer materials is the largest on the earth because of their lightweight, good moldability, and reasonable price. However, most of the polymer materials are made from finite fossil resources and their wastes are causing global environmental problems such as ocean pollution with microplastics. Thus, polymer recycling and environmentally friendly polymers are attracting attention. In this way, the construction of resource circulating systems for polymer materials is required. For that purpose, polymer researchers need to interact with the citizens groups and local government promoting polymer recycling as well as a wide range of researchers sharing common awareness of the issues.
   From those points of view, this research group on green chemistry was launched in 2002 succeeding the previous research group on plastic recycling. We hold a seminar inviting specialists in each field as lecturers, a workshop presenting the up-to-date research results, and an observation tour of plants that deal with plastic recycling and related technologies every year. We also hold a symposium to survey green chemistry correlated with polymer materials and technologies. With these activities, our research group supports the members who are interested in the construction of the circulating society relevant to polymeric materials and gives the opportunity to exchange information between the members. We welcome all the people who are interested in this field to join our research group.


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