Research Group on Printing, Information, and Electronic Materials
   This research group was newly established in 2017 based on both "Research Group on Imaging Display and Materials" and "Research Group on Polymers for Microelectronics and Photonics" to discuss advanced technologies and perspectives about materials and processes in information, communication or electronics fields. "Printing" has been well-known as patterning technology and is still progressing for simple and low-cost organic electronic device productions etc. On the other hand, "Photo-reaction" utilized photo-lithography technology for super integration of semi-conductor has been developed down to sub-10nm level. "Polymer" is the key technology and widely used as photo-functional, electronic, optical and flexible materials. This research group covers the newest topics such as liquid crystal displays, organic light-emitting diodes, electronic papers, batteries, sensors, organic semi-conductors, printed electronics, ink jetting, 3D printing, photo-/x-ray/EB lithography and nanoimprinting. This research group has some annual meetings in order to grasp the newest situations of such fields and to solve issues that researchers at industry, government and academia face. In addition, this research group is planning to hold tutorial lectures for young scientists and joint meetings with another research group. We will welcome those who are interested in these fields.

Motoi Kinoshita(Saitama Institute of Technology)

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