Research Group on Inorganic Polymers

Research Group on Inorganic Polymers
   Our research group, being associated with inorganic polymers, intends to discuss not only pure inorganic polymers but also the scientific area where polymers including "Inorganic Elements and Components" are involved. The area covers chemical processing, micro-structure and physical properties of polymers and oligomers with organosilicon or organometallic backbones, organic-inorganic hybrids, nanoparticles, ceramic materials, and so on. Furthermore, our group offers a place of interchange for researchers being active in vast scientific fields, such as organic polymer, inorganic polymer, synthesis chemistry, materials science, and nano-scale materials technology. The fruitful interchange of multidisciplinary information in our group provokes synergistic development of new materials and research areas. As a result, this group possesses an extremely unique standpoint not only in the Society of Polymer Science, but also in Japanese scientific societies. We are holding an annual symposium and an annual discussion meeting every spring and fall, respectively. In the symposium, we invite lecturers with high activity in advanced fields. On the other hand, the discussion meeting has been a place for research presentations for two days. A seminar is also held every fall. These meetings get with many participants every year and offer opportunities for active discussion. We welcome a wide range of researchers to join our group playing an effective role in innovation.

Mitsuhiko Morisue (National University Corporation Kyoto Institute of Technology)

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