Research Group on Materials for PEFC

Research Group on Materials for PEFC
   This research group was established in 2003 as the "Research Group on Materials for PEFC" for the dissemination and exchange of information on systems and materials research for fuel cell technology. In 2008, in response to the expansion of the Japanese government's hydrogen and fuel cell strategy, the research group was renewed as the "Research Group on Materials for Hydrogen and PEFC" to include hydrogen technology in addition to fuel cell technology. Expectations for fuel cells to contribute to building a sustainable society are higher than ever. Although more than 500,000 household fuel cells and 7,500 fuel cell vehicles have already been sold in Japan in total, improved performance and lower costs are essential to expanding their use. Furthermore, hydrogen production and storage technologies are also necessary for the widespread use of fuel cells, and hydrogen production and storage technologies based on water electrolysis using polymer electrolyte membranes, as well as the development of hydrogen separation membranes, have been actively studied. Polymer science is expected to contribute greatly to the development of fuel cell technology. In the activities of this research group, information will be disseminated through research meetings and lectures three times a year, and active discussions will be held involving industry, government, and academia. We look forward to the participation of those who are (or will) conduct research on hydrogen technology and fuel cells, those interested in technical aspects of a hydrogen society, and those interested in exploring the environment and energy fields through hydrogen and fuel cells.

Manabu Tanaka (Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

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