Research Group on Materials for PEFC

Research Group on Materials for PEFC
   Fuel cells have been attracting considerable attention as new power sources for the applications to electric vehicles, residential co-generation systems and portable devices because of their high efficiency, low pollution levels and compactness. The Research Group on Materials for Hydrogen and PEFC aims to contribute to the development of polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) together with hydrogen systems through providing members the opportunities to attend seminars and gain mutual information exchange, possibly giving a chance of fruitful joint research among individual or corporation members. The target areas involve various materials relating to the fuel cell technologies and hydrogen sysmtes, e.g., electrolyte membranes, membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), electrode catalyst layers, gas diffusion layers, separators, sealing materials, etc. Forefront researchers deliver lectures to give guidelines on R&D to produce new materials for future fuel cell technologies. Three annual seminars and additionally national or international symposiums are scheduled for the discussion among researchers both from industry and academia. The Research Group welcomes those who have been involved and/or are interested in fuel cell research.

Tsuyohiko FUJIGAYA (Department of Applied Chemistry Kyushu University)

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