Research Group on Polymer Nanotechnologies

Research Group on Polymer Nanotechnologies
More than 10 years has been passed since nanotechnology gave a big impact to wide range of research and development ?elds including electronics, biotechnology and materials. Nanotechnology has been recognized as one of the major science ?elds for developing novel materials and devices, manipulating atoms and molecules. ”Polymer nanotechnology” is to provide novel functional and high performance soft materials through the control and design of molecular structures, phase separations and interfaces. This research group started at 2002 after the change of the group name from “Polymer ABC (alloy, blend and composite) research group”. In the previous research group, there were many interests concerned with nanotechnology, such as nanocomposites. Therefore, we changed the group name to extend our activities. Polymer nanotechnology should be related to macroscopic properties originated from nanostructures, and thus both the basics and applications regarding the structure, process and properties are important and also analysis, characterization and simulation are important. The group has many participants from companies, providing opportunities to develop the corporation between academia and industry.

Tsutomu AKIYAMA(Asahi Kasei Corporation)

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