Research Group on Precisely Designed Network Polymer

Research Group on Precisely Designed Network Polymer
   Network polymers are polymers with a three-dimensional network structure and have been used in a wide range of fields such as molding materials, adhesives, paints, rubber and tires, and water-absorbing resins due to their insoluble and infusible properties resulting in high heat and solvent resistances. With the development of controlled polymerization techniques, the synthesis of a wide variety of polymers with a controlled structure has been achieved. However, there is still room for research on the controlled synthesis of network polymers. In addition, the available analytical methods for network polymers are limited due to their insolubility, and there are still many interesting issues regarding the precise structural analysis of network polymers and the relationship between structures and physical properties of network polymers. Not only covalent bonds but also intermolecular interactions such as hydrogen bonds, coordination bonds, and hydrophobic interactions can form network polymers.
   In our research group on precisely designed network polymers, gdevelopment of new synthetic methods and achievement of a precise control of reactionsh, gmaterial design based on self-assembly and hybridizationh, and gnew strategies for precise structural analysis and computer simulationh are the three key elements. We invite researchers from various fields on industry, government, and academia, and hold a workshop and symposium for young researchers, etc. to discuss above issues. This research group welcomes applications from researchers and engineers focusing on networked polymers as well as from researchers and engineers in other fields. We also would like to help the formation of a ghuman networkh.

Eriko Sato (Osaka City University)

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