Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  The Research Group on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), established within The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, is the only research group with a focus on measurement methods, and it has been actively operating for 44 years since its founding in 1980. NMR is widely utilized across various fields and institutions, so the Research Group on NMR attracts researchers with diverse backgrounds. Over the years, NMR techniques useful not only for precise structural analysis of polymers but also for dynamic analysis have been established, and the equipment itself continues to advance. However, it remains challenging for individuals to grasp all aspects of the continually evolving NMR technology. In this research group, we not only introduce new techniques but also provide a platform for sharing useful NMR-related methods, including those that may be somewhat older, through regular meetings (twice a year) and symposiums (irregularly). Moreover, for those who are new to tasks such as business, research, and maintenance of equipment involving NMR, the measurement methods can be daunting. Therefore, we hold courses (once a year) targeting beginners who have started NMR experiments within the past three years, offering an excellent opportunity to study polymer solution and solid-state NMR from the basics. These regular meetings and courses serve as platforms for members to exchange information, and the Research Group on NMR plays a vital role as the cornerstone of the polymer NMR research network. We look forward to your active participation.


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