Research Group on Photonics Polymers
   Transparent polymer materials are used for optical films for displays, optical lenses, optical fibers, optical waveguides, touch panels, etc., taking advantage of polymer materials such as softness, lightness, ease of processing and ease of handling. Furthermore, even in applications to next-generation optical technologies such as next-generation lighting, flexible organic solar cells, flexible displays, optoelectronic devices, and wearable electronics, which are expected to increase from the viewpoint of environment and energy, usability, mass production by roll to roll method, the role of polymer materials is very large. In order to put these into practical use, it is necessary to improve the optical properties of the polymer and to improve various properties inferior to glass. Cooperative research and development by experts in the fields of polymer synthesis, structural analysis, property evaluation, processing, optics and electronics are required to extract their full potential leading to innovative photonics polymer devices. Research Group on Photonics Polymers offers an opportunity to exchange information among industry, government and academia, as well as companies in different industry segments for further development of the field of photonics polymers and optical technologies. We are planning to hold a conference and two seminars in a year.


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