Research Group on Supramolecules

Research Group on Supramolecules
  Supramolecules are molecular assemblies formed by highly-ordered multiple molecules with weak interactions such as hydrogen bonds and coordination bonds. A major feature is new function that cannot be performed only by the constituent molecules. Supramolecular chemistry, which understands and manipulates the interactions between molecules and ions, is rapidly developing in the field of material science in recent years. It has become a new platform linking molecular chemistry and material development in various fields related to molecular recognition, separation, adhesion, self-healing, catalysis, energy conversion/storage, memory, medicine, analysis, and environment. This research group has a long history and tradition, and was formerly the Macromolecular Complex Research Group (renamed in 2006). We provide an interdisciplinary community where researchers and engineers from different fields can interact closely with supramolecules as a keyword. We hold "twice a year workshops" and "annual seminar" to provide the latest information useful not only to academic researchers but also to industrial researchers. Experts from various fields are invited as lecturers. The "workshops" introduce the latest research on supramolecules, and the "seminar" shows trends and examples of technological development. We also publish an annual review summarizing the cutting edge of supramolecules and distribute it to our members every year. Furthermore, this research group supports the IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolacular Complexes (MMC). We welcome your participation in the workshops and seminar and hope you join our group as a new member.

Teruyuki Komatsu(CHUO UNIVERSITY)

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