Research Group on Polymer Surface and Interface

Research Group on Polymer Surface and Interface
   Polymer is one of the most familiar and useful materials in various aspects of our daily life, such as electronics, medicine, pharmacy, biology and so on. For its high-performance application, it is indispensable to control the structure and properties not only in bulk but also in surface and interface. For example, the composition of functional groups in nanometer scale at surface/interface governs the adhesiveness and wettability between different kinds of materials, affecting the performance of composite materials. From this point of view, well understanding of surface/interface phenomena should be based on precision analysis/characterization and interpretation in atomic and molecular levels.
   The Research Group on Polymer Surface and Interface, since its birth in 1983, has been focusing its theme on the modification, characterization and application for surfaces and interfaces of polymers and related materials. Every year we organize three annual events, including a fundamental course, seminars and symposiums. These events include fundamental phenomena and theory, hot topics and practical application of unique polymer surfaces and interfaces. We welcome all of you, who are interested in surface and interface phenomena of polymers and related materials, to join the events. Also, we highly recommend you to be a member of the Research Group on Polymer Surface and Interface, in order to keep continuous connection to this field.

Hiroyuki AOKI (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

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