Research Group on the Interaction between
Polymer and Water and Separation Science
  Currently, polymer applications are widely applied not only for general purpose applications as plastics but also for high performance materials such as electricity, electronics, energy, medicine and biomaterials. And in all of these fields, "water" is the chemical substance which interacts with polymers by various forms such as liquids and gases, so that it is heavily involved with the high functionality, long-term durability, biocompatibility, etc. of the polymers. On the contrary, many polymeric materials are greatly involved in the purification and purification of "water" that expresses such functions. However, the physical understanding of the interaction between "polymer and water" is not sufficient and at present, it seems depend on each situation or researcher qualitatively and empirically. During more than 50 years of the activities, our research group has been a very unique research group with dealing in fundamental and applied studies, such as microscopic hydrogen bonding, dynamics of sorption, diffusion, and permeation, and macroscopic physical properties and functions by new observation and analytical techniques reflecting advancements of science and technology. We are also aiming to become a place for knowledge acquisition and exchange of information of those interested in "polymer and water" research. We are looking forward to active participation of researchers belonging to private enterprises, on-site engineers, and students as well as universities / public research institutions.

Daisuke Ishii (Tokyo University Of Agriculture)

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