高分子 Vol.68 No.4
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特集 フィラー特集:魔法の粉
展望 COVER STORY: Highlight Reviews
Obsercation and Simulation of Fillers in Rubber for Vehicle Tires
篠原 佑也・岸本 浩通
<要旨> フィラーはタイヤの性能を発揮するうえで必要不可欠なものである。真っ黒なタイヤ内部の微視的な構造を観察するためには、X線や中性子などの量子ビームの応用、そしてシミュレーションがきわめて有用である。本稿では筆者らの近年の研究と、今後の展望をまとめる。
Keywords: Reinforcement Effect / Filler / X-Ray and Neutron Scattering
Invention of Optical Hybrid Materials Having High Refractive Index and Abbe’s Number using ZrO2 Nanoparticles
川口 正剛・榎本 航之
<要旨> 水中においてシングルナノサイズの光学補強剤微粒子を凝集させることなく高分子中にナノ分散できれば、透明性を損なうことなく有機材料の光学特性を制御できるものと期待されている。本稿では“微粒子に優しい”表面疎水・機能化およびハイブリッド化手法について概説し、本手法が有機光学材料の高性能化に繋がる有望な方法になり得ることを展望したい。
Keywords: Refractive Index / Optical Polymer / Organic-Inorganic Hybrids / Surface Treatment / Abbe’s Number / Nanodispersion
トピックス COVER STORY: Topics and Products
Development of AlN Whisker Filler for High-Thermal Conductive Resin and Start-up Company
宇治原 徹
<要旨> Thermal management technology becomes important to remove heat from various types of device. We developed AlN whisker fillers which can improve thermal conductivity of resin materials. By adding 35 vol% AlN to resin materials, the thermal conductivity of the resin materals with 35 vol% AlN whisker filler is above 10 W/mK. Recently the start-up company was founded. We already provides the onerous samples to 40 companies over. The requirements and clames from the users of the onerous samples are valuable to enhance the research and development.
Keywords: Thermal Conductiviry / Filler / Whisker / AlN / Resin / Start-Up / Venture Business
Transparent Conductive Film using Silver Nanowires
山木 繁
Shigeru YAMAKI
<要旨> Silver nanowires are attracting attention as an alternative material for indium tin oxide (ITO) due to their unique conductivity and transparency. Our group has synthesized and refined silver into a nanowire shape suitable for transparent conductive films. Further, by selecting the binder resin and optimizing printing conditions, a film having high transparency and conductivity was obtained. Even when the film was allowed to stand in an oven at 100℃ for 1,000 hours, the change in resistance value was 20% or less. It also had excellent flexibility.
Keywords: Silver Nano Wiers / AgNW / Transparent Condactive Film
Functional Filler Filling Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
志藤 慶治・増原 陽人
<要旨> Silica particles coated with proton conductive layers and hydrophobic layers composed of block copolymers were successfully prepared by reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization with particles (PwP). The experimental results verified the successful formation of poly(acrylic acid)-b-polystyrene coated silica particles and achieved low activation energy. In addition, Coating with a polystyrene layer allows the proton conductive structure to be maintained in a wide humidity range.
Keywords: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane / Proton Conduction / Filler / PAA-b-PS / RAFT Polymerization
Development of Carbon Nanotube/Polyamide Nanocomposite Reverse Osmosis Membranes
竹内 健司・林 卓哉・遠藤 守信
Kenji TAKEUCHI, Takuya HAYASHI, Morinobu ENDO
<要旨> Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are a leading material of the emerging nanotechnology, and have contributed to environment and renewable energy era. We are working to apply such advanced CNT to form a thin composite as active layer for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. The robustness of our recently developed RO membrane made of CNT and polyamide (PA) nanocomposites is demonstrated as new carbon-based membranes with superior antifouling/chlorine resistance. Theoretical approaches based on computational chemistry were carried out to explain these specific performances of CNT/PA membranes. We hope these new membranes and the related science can contribute to a breakthrough beyond the well-developed, conventional membrane technology for a new era of water and nanotechnology applications.
Keywords: Carbon Nanotube / Reverse Osmosis Membrane / Antifouling
グローイングポリマー Polymer Science and I: A Personal Account
「私 in 自由」と「ジャジャジャジャーン」
“Egotistic” and “Theme of Beethoven’s Symphony No.5”
磯田 恭佑
Kyosuke ISODA
<要旨> Since I have been a lecturer in Kagawa University, I have got conceited. However, lab’s members (students) saved me from my attitude of irresponsibility and gave me a lot of chances to change.
高分子科学最近の進歩 Front-Line Polymer Science
Recent Progress in Polymer Solar Cells
大北 英生・Hyung Do KIM・玉井 康成
Hideo OHKITA, Hyung Do KIM, Yasunari TAMAI
<要旨> Polymer solar cells have attracted increasing attention recently because they are lightweight, flexible, and colorful, and in addition, are suitable for high-throughput production by printing techniques. In this review, we will describe recent progress in polymer solar cells in terms of photovoltaic conversion mechanism and efficiency. As for the photovoltaic conversion mechanism, recent studies have shown that an energy offset in the HOMO or LUMO level would be not necessary for excitons to be dissociated into free charge carriers in polymer solar cells. This is one of the hottest topics in this community. As for the photovoltaic performance, ternary blends and non-fullerene acceptors have a great impact on the improvement in power conversion efficiency. As a result, the efficiency has exceeded 17% for tandem polymer solar cells based on non-fullerene ternary and binary blends. We also mention the future direction of polymer solar cells.
Keywords: Polymer Solar Cell / Conjugated Polymer / Fullerene / Non-Fullerene Acceptor / Ternary Blend / Transient Absorption Spectroscopy / Tandem Solar Cell