[Submission of Manuscript]

Instructions to prepare your paper as bellow. Please submit by electronically through the same WEB you have registered for your presentation.

[File format and Size]

The Manuscript should be limited on Japanese A4(210mm wide x 297mm high) size by PDF file.
Please leave a margin of 25mm on the top, bottom, right and leftside of the file.
It means your abstract will be shown in 247mm high x 160mm wide. The abstract will be appeared in color.

a) PDF file version should be over Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0. It must be under 1.0M.
b) The file must be named 「your number.pdf」.Do not cut off an extension(.pdf).
c) Choose Security for your PDF file “NON”.
d) Please bury the "font".

[The number of pages of the manuscript]

One page

[Layout for abstract]

a) (1) a title
(2) Authors (affilation and address)
(3) Phone and Facsimile number, E-mail address
(4) the text
Please descrive from (1) to (4) in order.
Please the author must describe by the full name without fail and put the under line in the speaker.
b) Please use font type for English either "Arial, Times New Roman, Century".
The title should be 12 points and placed in the center, other texts should be 10 points.
c) All explanation of illustrations , graghs or photos must be indicated in English. It is recommended to make photos or images around 300dpi.
d) It is recommended your manusucript consisted of [PREFACE],[RESEARCH]and [CONCLUSION]
e) Do not describe your presentation number in your manuscript.
The number will be shown in the upper corner in your manuscript by SPSJ.


a) One page Template
(Microsoft Word)

[Abstract and Keyword]

a) Don't describe in the manuscript and when submiting your manuscript, please input to a fixed space of the web.
b) Abstractand Keyword are opened by preprints on web and are also used for a search.

[Method of Electronic Contribution of Manuscript]

Make your Manuscript with PDF files,and send to us by Electronic contribution, not by E-mail.
Contribute your Manuscript before the deadline.

When the contents of application differ from a manuscript, please change the contents of application according to a manuscript. These contents of registration are reflected in the collection of drafts.

[Term of electric contribution]

10:00 February 19, 2019 - 15:00 March 5th, 2019
Please submit in above term.
Please registration ahead of time, because congestion is expected near by deadline.

The deadline is Japan standard time
The Web site of eletric contribution will not be able to access after March 5.,2019 PM3:00.
You can retrieve your manuscript and other information(Author Afflication,Author name,Keywords,Abstruct,etc...) at anytime before the deadline.

If your PDF file is not A4 (210mm wide x 297mm high) size or sheets diffrents, Submitting will serve as an error. Please, Check your Paper size and manuscript number of sheets.

[About the copyright]

The copyright of data for the WEB opening to the public belongs to Society of Polymer Science, Japan as well as Preprints.


68th SPSJ Annual Meeting