70th Annual Meeting  

The 70th Annual Meeting was scheduled to be held at the Nagoya Congress Center, but it was decided to hold it online as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
Banquet will be cancelled.
Oral presentations will be made using Webex Meeting.
Poster presentations will be made using Remo.
Details will be posted on the website as soon as they are finalized.

Call for Nominations for International Young-Scientist Invited Speakers

SPSJ has decided to widely call for nominations for the young invited speakers from Asia and Oceania.
We look forward to your nomination of young researcher of your acquaintance, appropriate for the International Young-Scientist Invited Lectures, according to the following outline.
ApplicationForm(PDF) ApplicationForm(Word)


The 70th AnnualMeeting will be held online.

Events on the day -coming soon-


 Inomata, Katsuhiro(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Vice Chair
 Nakamura, Hiroshi(Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
 Kamigaito, Masami(Nagoya University)
 Aoi, Keigo(Nagoya University)
 Aoki, Atsushi(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Asanuma, Hiroyuki(Nagoya University)
 Itsuno, Shinichi(Toyohashi University of Technology)
 Itoh, Akinori(NOF Corporation)
 Ohtani, Hajime(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Kutsumizu, Shoichi(Gifu University)
 Kubo, Masataka(Mie University)
 Kobayashi, Sadayuki(Toray Industries, Inc.)
 Suzuki, Masahiro(Shinshu University)
 Takasu, Akinori(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Takeoka, Yukikazu(Nagoya University)
 Tanaka, Kentaro(Nagoya University)
 Tsujii, Yoshinobu(Kyoto University)
 Tokuhisa, Hiroaki(JSR Corporation)
 Nagata, Kenji(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Nakamura, Kenichi(Toagosei Co., Ltd.)
 Habaue, Shigeki(Chubu University)
 Higuchi, Masahiro(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Hirano, Keisuke(Nitto Denko Corporation)
 Fukumori, Kenzo(Aichi Institute of Technology )
 Hori, Yutaka(Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
 Masubuchi, Yuichi(Nagoya University)
 Matsuda, Yasuhiro(Shizuoka University)
 Miyata, Hiroshi(Tosoh Corporation)
 Yatsugi, Yutaka(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
 Yamanaka, Motoshi(Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute)
 Yokoi, Hidenori(Menicon Co., Ltd.)

Preprints date of issue

 May 11, 2021 Preprints will be published.