70th Annual Meeting  

The 70th Annual Meeting was scheduled to be held at the Nagoya Congress Center, but it was decided to hold it online as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
Banquet will be cancelled.
Oral presentations will be made using Webex Meeting.
Poster presentations will be made using Remo.
Details will be posted on the website as soon as they are finalized.

Preprints were published

When a participation registration number and a password are input, a reservation participation registrant can read.
WEB Preprints

Online test

・RemoPosterAudienceTest 5/13(tue.)-16(sun.) 10:00-18:00 Meeting URL
・RemoPosterPresenterTest 5/17(mon.)-19(wed.) 10:00-18:00 Meeting URL
・WebexOralPresenterTest 5/17(mon.)-18(tue.) 9:00-24:00 Meeting URL
If you are an audience member and want to test your "Webex Meeting", please use WebexOralPresenterTest.

Poster presentation PDF file submission

Participants will be able to view the poster as a supplementary document even if they are not able to view it during the presentation at Remo. (Poster award judges will also be referred to.)
The exhibition will be open to the public only from Wednesday, May 26 to Friday, May 28 during the meeting.
Only those who have logged in from the Web Proceedings (those who have registered to participate) will be able to view them.
In order to avoid secondary use, the PDF files submitted by presenters will be converted to images at the printing office, and the secured PDF files will be used as posters for viewing.
Presenters can also download their own security PDF files before the meeting and use them when presenting at Remo.

Wednesday, May 12, 10:00 - Monday, May 17, 9:00 Deadline
Log in to the presentation application site and submit.
a) One PDF file of A4 size
b) File size should not exceed 3 Mbytes
c) Please include the presentation number before the title.
In addition, please write "70th SPSJ Annual Meeting" in the footer.
(If the material is leaked, we will know at which conference the presentation was given.
[Download your own files after conversion]
May 24 (Mon) 10:00 - May 25 (Tue) 17:00
Log in to the presentation application site to view the materials uploaded as replacements and save them to your own PC.
> If you are preparing a separate file for your presentation at Remo, you do not need to do this download.

Remo Poster Prentation Guide(for Presenter,Audience)

Remo Poster Prentation Guide


An invitation to confirm the manuscript converted to the Preprints format was sent to the presenters by e-mail. (-4/2)
Audience registration is now open.(-5/6)
We will not be accepting registration during the meeting this time.
Presenters were informed of the date and time of their presentation.
Submission of manuscript is now open.(-3/2)
Applications for research presentations are now open.(-1/7)
The 70th AnnualMeeting will be held online.

Events on the day

Invited and Awarded Lectures

Date: May 26 - 28
Place: Room A and General Oral Sessions Room
The 69th Award Lecture and the 69th Invited Lecture for International Young Scientists will also be held this time.


Date: May 26 - 28
Place: Room B
We ask speakers from industry and academia to give a talk on the theme of the year. Japanese only.

Exhibition of polymer-related equipment

Date: May 26 - 28
Place: Room P

Corporate R&D exhibition mainly for students

Date: May 26 - 28
Place: Room P


 Inomata, Katsuhiro(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Vice Chair
 Nakamura, Hiroshi(Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
 Kamigaito, Masami(Nagoya University)
 Aoi, Keigo(Nagoya University)
 Aoki, Atsushi(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Asanuma, Hiroyuki(Nagoya University)
 Ario, Toshiyuki(Toyota Boshoku Corporation)
 Itsuno, Shinichi(Toyohashi University of Technology)
 Itoh, Akinori(NOF Corporation)
 Ohtani, Hajime(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Kutsumizu, Shoichi(Gifu University)
 Kubo, Masataka(Mie University)
 Kobayashi, Sadayuki(Toray Industries, Inc.)
 Suzuki, Masahiro(Shinshu University)
 Takasu, Akinori(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Takeoka, Yukikazu(Nagoya University)
 Tanaka, Kentaro(Nagoya University)
 Tsujii, Yoshinobu(Kyoto University)
 Tokuhisa, Hiroaki(JSR Corporation)
 Nagata, Kenji(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Nakamura, Kenichi(Toagosei Co., Ltd.)
 Habaue, Shigeki(Chubu University)
 Higuchi, Masahiro(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
 Hirano, Keisuke(Nitto Denko Corporation)
 Fukumori, Kenzo(Aichi Institute of Technology )
 Hori, Yutaka(Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
 Masubuchi, Yuichi(Nagoya University)
 Matsuda, Yasuhiro(Shizuoka University)
 Miyata, Hiroshi(Tosoh Corporation)
 Yatsugi, Yutaka(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
 Yamanaka, Motoshi(Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute)
 Yokoi, Hidenori(Menicon Co., Ltd.)

Preprints date of issue

 May 11, 2021 Preprints will be published.