高分子 Vol.58 No.4 2009年1月
高分子 Vol.58 No.4
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特集 高分子学会研究会
グローイングポリマー Polymer Science and I: A Personal Account
Does Intuition Whisper a Well-Polished Idea?
Kotaro SATOH
<要旨>An intuition in research often requires conscious reasoning. The author thinks that the intuition comes from various experiences and then may bring a well-polished idea.
展望 COVER STORY: Highlight Reviews
Research Group on Biomedical Polymers
医用高分子研究会 岸田晶夫
<要旨>Research Group on Biomedical Polymers has been devoted to contribute to the application of the polymeric material to the medical treatment and the basic medical science. The unique point of this group is in the content that always reflects latest medical technology. The nano-medicine and the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are main research interests now.
Keywords: Medical Polymer / Artificial Organs / Biomaterials / Drug Delivery System / Tissue Engineering / Nano-medicine / Bio-inspired Biomaterial / Biotechnology / Cell Engineering
Research Group on Imaging Display and Materials
印刷・情報記録・表示研究会 渡辺二郎
<要旨>This research group was established in 1957, and has focused on discussing technology perspectives and technology road maps in the area of “printing, information media and display”, among industry, university and government. The first organic semi-conductors in applied devices are ready to take a big leap. For those organic semi-conductor devices, including low-cost OLED,E-paper, memories and solar battery are now active areas of R&D.
Keywords: Printing / Information Media / Display / Printable-Electronics / Organic Semi-Conductor
Research Group on Ecological Materials
エコマテリアル研究会 吉江尚子
<要旨>Research Group on Ecological Materials focuses on polymer materials harmonizing well with natural cycle of carbon. Specifically, we cover technologies for the sophisticated production of polymers from biological molecules (bio-based polymers) and for the smart waste treatment of polymers with the use of biological functions (biodegradable polymers).
Keywords: Bio-Based Polymer / Biodegradable Polymer / Ecomaterials / Polylactide
Research Group on NMR Spectroscopy of Polymers
NMR研究会 安藤慎治
Shinji ANDO
<要旨>The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) study group plays an active role for exchange information on the latest techniques of solution and solid state NMR measurements and characterization amongst members through biannual seminars and annual tutorial course. In addition, sharing of basic knowledge and common problems for daily and particular experiments is another important object. The group aspires to contribute to the development of innovative polymers through the structural and dynamical analyses using modern NMR spectroscopy.
Keywords: NMR Spectroscopy / Characterization / Structural Analysis / Information Sharing
Research Group on Green Chemistry: Toward the Establishment
of Polymer Recycling Technologies Loved in the Earth
グリーンケミストリー研究会 澤口孝志
<要旨>Up to now our group has conducted plant tours to some of representative ones. While continuing the investigation of the actual state of recycling and waste separating technologies towards the establishment of resources recycling society, this group pays its attention to the investigation of new recycling systems and technologies loved in the earth.
Keywords: Recycling System / Recycling Technology / Chemical Recycle / Material Recycle / Functional Polymer
Research Group on Electrical and Electronic Properties of Polymers
高分子エレクトロニクス研究会 大澤利幸
Toshiyuki OHSAWA
<要旨>The research group on “Static Electricity” and the research group on “Electrical Properties of Polymers” formed the nucleus of this research group, and it has been renamed research group on “Electrical and Electronic Properties of Polymers” (EEP) in 1986. Our researches cover from new materials to device applications in the EEP field (such as rechargeable battery, fuel cell, nonlinear optics, electroluminescence, solar battery, sensors, organic field emission transistor (FET), information, communication and energy systems.
Keywords: Conducting Polymer / Polymer Electrolyte / Organic Transistor
Research Group on Basic Properties of Polymers
高分子基礎物性研究会 及川英俊
Hidetoshi OIKAWA
<要旨>The fundamental subjects in polymer science and engineering are (1) to establish characterization methods, and (2) to investigate polymer structure, morphology, dynamics, and their correlation. The recent activities and future scope will be introduced.
Keywords: Polymer Characterization / Polymer Structure and Morphology / Polymer Dynamics and Property
Research Group on Computational Polymer Science
高分子計算機科学研究会 寺石和夫
<要旨>Our research group dedicates ourselves to three important subjects. Research: We hold a meeting with other research groups to provide opportunities for computational and experimental chemists to exchange their opinions and stimulate each other. Education: We provide an annual lecture for young researchers and beginners. Communication: At our one-night summer camp, we lose our sense of time and discuss our interests and thoughts.
Keywords: Computer / Simulation / Quantum Chemistry / Molecular Dynamics / Mesoscale / Nanotechnology / Octa / Education
Research Group on Polymer Gels
高分子ゲル研究会 宮田隆志
Takashi MIYATA
<要旨>Polymer gels attract much attention as a research subject not only for applications to foods, industrial materials, medicines, etc., but also for basic science of soft materials. In particular, recently gel science has made remarkable progress in the fields of synthesis, characterizations, kinetics, thermodynamics, rheology, etc., and various gel technologies contribute to development of biomaterials, sensors, actuators, battery, microdevices, etc. Since 1986, our research group has developed polymer gel science and technology as a field of research exchange for interdisciplinary science based on chemistry, physics, material science, medical science, etc.
Keywords: Polymer Gel / Hydrogel / Stimuli-Responsive Gel / Nanogel / Soft Materials / Biomaterial / Adsorbent / Network / Crosslink / Volume Phase Transition / Rheology / Light Scattering
Research Group on the Interaction between Polymer and Water and Separation Science
高分子と水・分離に関する研究会 山中弘次
<要旨>Water affects on mechanical and functional properties of polymers. Selectivities and other functions of polymers related to water are the major interest of our group.
Keywords: Water / Separation / Membrane / Hydro Gel / Selectivity / Transport / Permeation
Research Group on Polymer Nanotechnology
高分子ナノテクノロジー研究会 川口正剛
<要旨>“Research Group on Polymer Nanotechnology” focuses on not only polymer alloys, blends and composites, but also nanotechnologies of polymer widely such as nano-level polymer design, structural control and so on. Nanotechnology covers from nano- to macro-level properties, so that approaches from both basic and practical studies, and development of analytical technology are also important. Japan-China nanotechnology seminar as a unique effort of the research group is introduced.
Keywords: Polymeric Nano-Materials / Polymer Processing / Polymer Characterization / Polymer Alloy, Blend, Composites / Optical Materials / Mechanical Properties
高分子科学最近の進歩 Front-Line Polymer Science
Nanobiofunctions on Polymer Interfaces
<要旨>This article reviews the recent researches on biointerfaces based on well-defined polymers bearing zwitterionic groups in the side chains. Living radical polymerization provides us excellent interfaces between substrate and biological system included protein solution and blood. Zwitterionic polymer chains effectively reduced protein adsorption. Functionalization by coupling with bioactive molecules on the polymer chains is also summarized from viewpoint of specific molecular recognition.
Keywords: Biointerfaces / Zwitterionic Polymers / Polymer Brush / Layer-by-Layer / Biofunctionality
Tribological Characteristics of Polymer Ultrathin Films
小林元康・高原 淳
Motoyasu KOBAYASHI and Atsushi TAKAHARA
<要旨>The molecular films have been known as boundary lubricants for a long time. Macro and nanotribological properties of ultrathin films have much attention due to the applications to medical devices, magnetic storage devices, and micro- electromechanical systems. We introduce here tribological properties of the organosilane monolayers prepared by chemical vapor adsorption method, and of densely grafted polymer brushes fabricated by “grafting-from” method based on surface-initiated controlled radical polymerization. This paper reviews the macroscopic frictional properties of well-defined high-density polymer brushes under various testing conditions, and compared these with organosilane monolayers.
Keywords: Tribology / Organosilane Monolayers / Polymer Brush / Ultrathin Film / Friction Coefficient / Wear