高分子 Vol.61 No.7
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特集 ネットワーク社会を拓く高分子
展望 COVER STORY: Highlight Reviews
フォトニクスポリマーとFace-to-Face コミュニケーション
Photonics Polymer and Face-to-Face Communication
小池 康博
Yasuhiro KOIKE
<要旨> インターネットは、世の中を大きく変えた。しかし、未だ小画面から抜け出せない「人が技術に合わせなくてはならない社会」であるように思われる。臨場感あふれるFace-to-Faceコミュニケーション実現のためには、従来のエレクトロニクスの延長ではない、物質の本質に迫る機能から達成されたフォトニクス・イノベーションが不可欠である。
Keywords: Photonics Polymer / Face-to-Face Communication / Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber (GI POF) / Highly Scattered Optical Transmission (HSOT) Polymer / Zero Birefringence Film / LCD / Reconstruction of Japan
Metamaterials and Nanofabrication
武安 伸幸
<要旨> メタマテリアルは、自然界に決して見ることのできない光の磁気成分に応答する材料として注目を集めている。動作周波数の高周波数化が進み、近赤外・可視域三次元メタマテリアルの実現には高度な加工技術が求められている。本稿では、これまでのメタマテリアルの進歩に加え、メタマテリアルの加工技術について概説する。
Keywords: Metamaterials / Multi-Photon Fabrication / Polymer Template / Electrochemical Metal Deposition / Assembled Nanoparticles
Optical Information Processes and Displays Based on the Interaction Between Light and Organic / Polymer Materials
伊藤 冬樹
Fuyuki ITO
<要旨> 有機・高分子の電子状態変化に基づく情報通信技術への展望に関する最新の成果を概説する。吸収変化を利用した情報処理として、二層高分子導波モード薄膜による超高速並列光情報処理について紹介する。また、発光を利用した情報表示として三重項-三重項消滅過程に基づいた光エネルギーのアップコンバージョンを利用したディスプレイを紹介する。
Keywords: Molecular Photonics / Organic Dyes / Ultrafast All-Optical Modulation / Guided Wave Mode (GWM) Device / Transient Absorption / Up-Conversion Fluorescence / Triplet-Triplet Annihilation
トピックス COVER STORY: Topics and Products
Retardation Films Based on Molecular Design and Nano Structural Control Technologies
内山 昭彦
<要旨> This article presents our two novel polymer technologies on retardation films (RF). One is the wide-band RF that consists of molecular designed polymer based on our birefringence dispersion control theory. The other is the super nano multi-layered RF using the combination of the structural and molecular orientation birefringence for wide-viewing LCDs.
Keywords: Retardation / Optical Film / Birefringence / Wide-Band / Dispersion / Refractive Index / Nano Structure / Multi-Layer
Transparent Conductive Sheet Application of Large-Area and Low-Temperature Synthesized Graphene
長谷川 雅考・金 載浩・石原 正統・山田 貴壽
Masataka HASEGAWA, Jaeho KIM, Masatou ISHIHARA, Takatoshi YAMADA
<要旨> We utilized the original large-area microwave plasma CVD method sustained by surface waves for the large-area and low-temperature synthesis of graphene. Graphene has been successfully obtained by this technique, and a capacitive touch panel was produced demonstrating the successful use of graphene. The roll-to-roll synthesis of graphene has been established by using this low-temperature CVD technique.
Keywords: Graphene / Microwave Plasma CVD / Low Temperature / Large Area / Transparent Conductive Sheet / Touch Panel / Roll-to-Roll Synthesis
High Speed Plastic Optical Fiber
吉田 博次
Hirotsugu YOSHIDA
<要旨> We have developed a graded index plastic optical fiber (GI POF) based on a partially chlorinated polymer (PCP). This polymer is a highly transparent and high Tg material for GI POF due to hydrogen substitution in a polymer chain with chlorine. The PCP GI POF can be an adequate medium for a high speed data transmission in various fields.
Keywords: Graded Index Plastic Optical Fiber / Partially Chlorinated Polymer / High Speed Optical Link
Development of Three-Dimensional Vector Wave Recording
福田 隆史・茨田 大輔・谷田貝 豊彦
Takashi FUKUDA, Daisuke BARADA, Toyohiko YATAGAI
<要旨> Here we introduce dual-channel polarization holography as an optical recording technique for three-dimensional vector wave memory. In dual-channel polarization holography, two orthogonally polarized signal beams with two individual images are superposed, and coupled with a reference beam on a recording medium. Then, the interference pattern consists of intensity and polarization pattern. Therefore, a polarization-sensitive medium must be used as a recording medium. In order to verify the operating principle of dual-channel polarization holography, two page data consist of p- and s-polarized beams were simultaneously recorded on the medium. The reference beam was set to s-polarized beam. When s-polarized readout beam is illuminated onto the recorded medium, the recorded two images are simultaneously reconstructed, and the two images can individually be extracted by a polarizing beam splitter. From the experimental results, the operating principle was verified.
Keywords: Three-Dimensional Vector Wave Recording / Dual-Channel Polarization Holography / Page-Data Recording / Angular Multiplexing / Huge Capacity / Ultra High-Speed Data Rate / Polarization-Sensitive Medium / Optical Data Storage
グローイングポリマー Polymer Science and I: A Personal Account
Enjoy the Present Moment
滝川 圭美
<要旨> This is an account of my research experiences in various environments. I'm enjoying the present moment, and new challenge.
高分子科学最近の進歩 Front-Line Polymer Science
Precision Polymer Synthesis via Olefin Metathesis Polymerization
小林 慎吾
<要旨> The recent development of olefin metathesis catalysts has expanded the scope of olefin metathesis polymerization and the polymerization method has already been a popular topic in the area of the polymer synthesis. Since the recent olefin metathesis catalysts (e.g., Grubbs' catalyst) show high functional group tolerance and high catalyst activity, olefin metathesis polymerization has emerged as a powerful tool for synthesizing polymers possessing functional groups as well as controlled molecular architectures. Particularly, olefin metathesis polymerization allows synthesizing a polymer exhibiting a quite unique molecular structure and having precisely placed side-chain branches. This article provides a brief summary of the investigators' reports on olefin metathesis chemistry. In addition to tracing the historical development of metathesis polymerization, this article covers the fundamental aspects of the method including both acyclic diene metathesis polymerization (ADMET) and ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP). Special attention is paid to the synthesis of polymers having precisely placed side-chain branches via the metathesis polymerization, ADMET and ROMP.
Keywords: Olefin Metathesis / Metathesis Polymerization / ADMET / ROMP / Precisely Placed Side-Chain Branch / Regularly Branched Polymer / Precision Polyolefin / Regio- and Stereoselective ROMP