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  • Abstract Submission Deadline: June 15, 2018
    9:30 a.m. Japan time, July 2, 2018
  • Manuscript Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018
  • Payment Deadline: August 31, 2018
    Registration for Coauthors and Attendees except speakers:
    from September 1, 2018

Instruction for Speakers

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Poster Award
Presenting author of a poster aged 36 or under as of April 1, 2018 is able to apply for Poster Award when you register paper.
The selection for Poster Award will be done twice.
 - Primary selection: Submitted preprint manuscript
 - Secondary selection: Presentation on the day
The selection procedures has the possibility of changing.

Important Notice

  • SPSJ shall accept your submission to IPC2018 after confirmation of your registration and payment of registration fee.
  • SPSJ shall not accept your submission after dead line of submission.
  • The extension of submission deadlines shall not be allowed under any circumstances.
  • When you will neither participate at IPC2018 nor present on your presentation time, SPSJ will treat your presentation as cancel.
  • Copyright and all right in the manuscript are belonged to authors. SPSJ has right of reproduction of the manuscript in the IPC2018 digital preprints and selling the preprints.
  • Authors and their employers retain certain rights to make copies and reuse the manuscript for private or research.
  • IPC2018 scientific program and speaker's presentation style will be determined by the program committee. The program committee will be hold after closing abstract submission.

Topics (Oral/Poster Presentation)

T-1: Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Polymer synthesis, Controlled/living polymerization, Stereospecific polymerization, Sequence control, Polymerization catalysts, Polymerization mechanism, Polymer reaction, Polymer architecture

T-2: Polymer Physics
Rheology, Tribology, Polymer networks, Glasses, Thin films, Surfaces and interfaces, Processing, Crystal, Solution

T-3: Hybrid Materials
Inorganic polymers, Organic-inorganic hybrids, Nano-composites, Porous materials, Elements-block materials, High performance polymers, Advanced materials for industrial applications, Hetero-atom containing polymer, Nanostructured materials, Polymer blends, Metal containing hybrid materials

T-4: Polymers for Optics, Electronics and Energy
Organic semiconductors, Electronic/electric materials, Optical/luminescent materials, Photovoltaics / Solar cells, Batteries, Fuel cells, Energy harvesting, Polymers for energy storage and conversion, Thermoelectric materials, Polymers for separation and adsorption

T-5: Polymer Informatics
Computer science, Information science, Artificial intelligence, Database, Virtual screening, Big data, Structure-property relationship, Materials design, Data driven science

T-6: Polymers in Green Chemistry
Bio-based polymers, Bio-inspired materials, Degradable polymers, Green catalysts, Green materials, Green synthesis, Recycle, Renewable resources, Rubber and gels, Self-healing materials, Sustainability

T-7: Biomedical Polymers and Nanomedicines
Biomaterials, Drug and gene delivery system, Diagnosis, Biosensing, Bio-imaging, Tissue engineering, Nanomedicine, Bio-interface, Medical interface, Cell and adsorp manipulation

T-8: Supramolecular Chemistry and Complex Macromolecular Science
Self-assembly, Supermolecules, Supramolecular polymers, Inclusion, Gels, Liquid crystals, MOF / COF, Nanocarbons, Nanoparticles, 2D polymers, Nanostructured Polymers

Abstract Submission

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