Oral Presentation

 Please bring your own PC and laser pointer with you for presentation. We do not have extra PC . Please test at the preview room or free time in the room you present.The resolution recommends XGA (1024 x 768).
 Please bring USB thumb drive including PDF files that converted your presentation data in preparation for the trouble.


All speakers should be in the room for presentation 30 minutes before your presentation, check your name on the list, wait at “a desk for presenter”.

Presentation Time

  Presentation time is for 25 minutes (including 9 minutes for question-and-answer session and 1 minutes to prepare). Your presentation may be cut off before finished in case it is over 25 minutes.
  Time keeper ring bells 1 time in 12 minutes, 2 times in 15 minutes, 3 times to finish question-and-answer session.

How to present

  Please operate LCD projector by yourself. We do not help to do it.

Poster Presentation


Please come to the desk in poster room to get a pointer and a badge. Presenters must mount your poster in scheduled mountening time. After removing it please give us back a pointer and a badge.

Presentation Time

Poster Number indicates as bellow.
Sample: 2Pc005
Day Room Time Booth Number
2 P c 005
  40minutes for presentation time (it means the time to explain and question-and-answer to the audience)
  Your poster must remain up to view until the session ends. (You do not have to be there all the time.)
  10 minutes each for mounting and removing. Please remove your poster immediately after the session ends.

Tips for designing poster

  Each poster board measures 210cm high x 90cm wide.
  All presenters should feature a title, institution and authors by yourselfs. (Poster number (10cm high x 30cm wide) supplied by SPSJ will be placed in the upper left corner of each poster board.)
  If your presentation is Japanese,The title must be shown both in Japanese and English. If your presentation is English, The title is good only in English
  All explanation of illustrations , graghs or photos must be indicated in English.
  Use drawing pins to mount. Do not use tapes(like cellophane tape or packing tape) SPSJ will not supply pins. Please bring them by yourelf.
  It is recommended to take a picture of your poster to get a patent.

Dear Presenter

  When a presenter (direction which carries out a presentation) is changed, please coincide the statement of a manuscript, and the input of WEB after decision at the time of manuscript contribution. Preprints were publishd as you inputted. If a presenter becomes change or withdraw after it, please be sure to inform us by e-mail until Fri., August 12.
  When the presenter on the day from preprints differ, we publishes for the hall notice and later at Web site etc.