Reservation participation registration has ended. Please do participation registration at a Registration desk on the day.

Registration Term

Speaker  May 11, - June 1,
You must register online at June 1st and make a payment no later than
July 6th
Audience  June 30, - July 28⇒July 14,
You must register online at July 14th and make a payment no later than
July 28th


  All attendees must register for the Symposium. (including Oral/Poster speakers except invited speakers)
  It is required to be a indivisual member of SPSJ to attend the meeting. Please become a member until June 1st, if you are not our member.
  But,If you visit Japan for this meeting, You do not need to become a member. At the time of registration please write so it.

Registration Fee

Qualification Advance(on line) On site
Regular member \13,000 \15,000
Student member/
Fellow/Senior member
\6,500 \8,000

*When you are nonmember, you must be charged extra \20,000(\10,000 for student) to attend the meeting as a nonmember(except Living Outside of Japan).

*Banquet⇒Social Gathering (without food & drink) Fee is \8,000Free.
if you would like to attend, you can reserve at the same time in your registration.

(Consumption tax included)

◆ Registrarion fee including
・Vol.71 Program Index(WEB)
・WEB Preprints all preprints in Japanese and English
◆Cancellation Policy
Should you cancel your registration due to a change in plans, please inform the secretariat with ID number by e-mail. The cancellation after those following dates cannot repay the participation registration fee.
Speaker : Until July 6th,2022
Others : Until July 28th,2022

How to register

  When you did BOTH following (1) and (2), your registration has completed.
After finishing (1) , you can apply for Presentation. The person who became our member need pay membership fee,too.

1.Register online and get your Registration number(T71-xxxx)

  You will get your Registration number"(T71-xxxx) by e-mail.
  If you can not receive the e-mail from us, You must notify us right away. Your registrarion may not be completed.

2.Make a payment

  Please pay by credit card, at convenience store. Postal transfer,Bank transfer and Money sent by registered mail are not acceptable.

  Remittance is exclusive use in Japan. In case you do not live in Japan, Please contact us no later than deadline.
  We do not issue a receipt in English. Please use the remittance form as a receipt.
  When you need a written estimate, a statement of delivery and a bill, please send us those items and an envelope with a stamp prepared by yourself. We affix a seal to them and return you.

Completed Registration

  You will get an E-mail(in the ending of August or beginning of September) including Reservation registration confirmation and how to read Program and Preprints by that day of the symposium.
  You can read Preprints and download manusripts Until 20th August in Next year.