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55 winners of IPC2023 Poster Awards were selected.

IPC2023 Young Scientist Poster Award

Some excellent poster presenters aged 36 or under as of April 1, 2023 were selected as the winners of IPC2023 Poster Award.

IPC2023 Young Scientist Poster Award

19P004b  Yoshino Tsunekawa (Waseda University)
  Synthesis of Thiol-Substituted Poly(phenylene sulfide)s with High Refractive Indices

19P014b  Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyoto University)
  Protecting-Group Design of Vinylboronic Acid Monomers for Advanced Polymer Syntheses via Radical Polymerization and Subsequent C-B Bond Transformation

19P022b  Hiroshi Makino (Kyoto University)
  Programmed Degradation of Methacrylate-based Copolymers by Synergistic Dual Stimuli for Activation of Boryl Pendant

19P038b  Katsutoshi SAGAWA (Nagoya Univarsity)
  Stereospecific Living Anionic Polymerization of Methacrylates via Reversible Chain Transfer to C-H Bonds

19P043a  Haoran Zhang (RIKEN)
  Synthesis of Tough and Self-Healing Elastomers by Scandium-Catalyzed Terpolymerization of Ethylene, Dimethylaminophenylpropylene, and Styrene

19P052b  Ryoya Kamiki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Synthesis of Degradable Vinyl Polymers by Radical Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Cyclic Thiocarbonyl Monomers

19P055a  Riko Kashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Novel Functional Bio-Based Polymers from Glycerol-Derived Cyclic Vinyl Ethers

19P059a  Takumi Yamamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Molecular Design of Fluorescent Molecular Probes for Detecting Polymer Chain Scission

19P087a  Yin Kan Phua (Kyushu University)
  Explainable Machine Learning Protocol for Predicting Ionic Conductivity of Anion Exchange Membranes used in Fuel Cells

19P094b  Kohei Amada (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  Syntheses of Itaconic Acid-Based Polyamides with High-Toughness and Controllable Biodegradability

19P109a  Naotaka Kimura (The University of Tokyo)
  TEM observation of lamellar crystals in microbial polyester fibers to elucidate enzymatic degradation mechanism.

19P125a  Hamidah Binti Hashim (Hokkaido University)
  Increased toughness of Polybutylene succinate by addition of surface-modified nanofibrillated bacterial cellulose as reinforcement material

20P029a  Shusuke Kanomi (Tohoku University)
  Nanodiffraction imaging of lamellar crystals of polyethylene

20P038b  Yuta Toma (Kobe University)
  Analysis of Thermal Percolation and Distance between Boron Nitride Platelets using Scanning Thermal Microscopy

20P043a  Hiroki Degaki (Kyoto University)
  Theoretical Study on Baroplastic Behavior of Block Copolymers

20P051a  Daiki Hinata (Yamagata University)
  Effect of long alkyl side chains on response temperature and response speed of shape memory gel.

20P098b  Kon Son (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Real time measurement of in brain dopamine using electrochemical aptamer-based (E-AB) biosensors

20P105a  Yuki Mochida (Innovation Center of NanoMedicine)
  Effective and specific navigation of immune checkpoint blockade antibodies to glioblastoma by the glucose-PEGylation technology

20P117a  Soei Watari (Tottori University)
  Stabilization of microtubule structures by light-induced crosslinking of Tau-derived peptide

20P118b  Hiroto Furukawa (Tottori University)
  Construction of enveloped viral replica equipped with spike protein derived from SARS-Cov-2

20P130b  Yuki Minamide (Kansai University)
  Efficient DNA-Scaffolded Intramolecular Energy Transmission utilizing Split Luciferase as Single-Molecular Energy Source

21P003a  Rikuto Kanno (Kyoto University)
  Controlled Self-Sorting and Thermoresponsive Properties of PEG/Cation Random Copolymer Micelles: Synergy of Molecular Design and Salt Triggers

21P013a  Kiichi Yasuzawa (Kyoto University)
  Diastereoselective Crystallization of Pillar[5]arene-based Host-Guest Complexes and Solvent-free Rotaxane Synthesis

21P020b  Takumi Aizawa (Chiba University)
  Fluorescent Nanotubes Self-assembled from 9,10-Diphenylanthracene Dyads

21P044b  Kazuma Tsujioka (Hokkaido University)
  The effect of hierarchical surface microstructures of Necrophila japonica on friction properties

21P051a  Chia Hsin Lin (National Taiwan University)
  To Understand the Cell Adhesion Behavior on Zwitterionic Conducting Polymers

21P059a  Yuki Tsutsui (Osaka Metropolitan University)
  Synthesis of polyamines with low Michael addition reactivity and their application to dismantlable adhesives based on epoxy resin containing vinyl groups

21P071a  Kazuhiro Yuhara (Kyoto University)
  Development of Solid-State Luminescent Stimuli Responsive Materials Utilizing Carborane-Assisted π-Stacking Structure

21P073a  Takumi Yanagihara (Kyoto University)
  Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Luminescent Properties of Anthracene-Substituted nido-Carboranyl Anion

21P102b  Alexandra Easley (Cornell University)
  Redox-active Polymers for Electrochemically Mediated Carbon Dioxide Capture

21P105a  Shuhei Doi (Hiroshima University)
  Synthesis and charge transport property of a small bandgap polymer based on quinoidal bithiazole

21P112b  Kazuya Matsui (Hiroshima University)
  Development of π-Conjugated Polymers Based on Dithienonaphthobisthiadiazole for Organic Transistors and Photovoltaics

Sponsored Awards

We proudly announce that the following poster awards were provided to the participants additionally to the original IPC award.

IPC2023 Poster Award: ACS Applied Polymer Materials Award - sponsored by American Chemical Society

21P108b  Hiroaki Taniguchi (Waseda University)
  Fabrication of Free-standing Nanosheet with Self-doped PEDOT and Evaluation of Its Properties

IPC2023 Poster Award: ACS Macro Letters - sponsored by American Chemical Society

19P118b  Yuichi Matsumoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  Polymer composite of plant-based linear and cross-linked polyesters with cellulose nanofibers and their mechanical properties

IPC2023 Poster Award: ACS Polymers Au Award - sponsored by American Chemical Society

21P012b  Takuho Saito (Chiba University)
  Control over Supramolecular Chirality through Photo-regulated Heterogeneity during Nucleation Process

IPC2023 Poster Award: Aggregate Award - sponsored by Wiley

20P068b  Rentaro Sakamoto (Osaka University)
  In situ Synthesis of Multivalent Ligands of CAIX by Click Reaction Between Polymeric Nano-assemblies for Cancer Treatment

21P008b  Takejiro Ogawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Synthesis of a Two-Dimensional Assembly of Molecular Rotor Units

21P077a  Satohiro Itagaki (Osaka Metropolitan University)
  Detection of food poisoning bacteria using molecularly imprinted organic-inorganic nanocomposites

IPC2023 Poster Award: Biomacromolecules Award - sponsored by American Chemical Society

20P077a  Takuma Kato (Kansai University)
  Development of hyaluronic acid-coated biodegradable polymeric micelles for intranasal vaccine against SARS-CoV-2

IPC2023 Poster Award: Langmuir Award - sponsored by American Chemical Society

21P057a  Ken Tamamoto (Kyoto University)
  Hydration and Anti-Icing Properties of Hydrophilic Concentrated Polymer Brushes

IPC2023 Poster Award: Macromolecules Award - sponsored by American Chemical Society

20P003a  Shohichi Furukawa (Kyoto University)
  Synthesis of Hydrogels with Thermoresponsive Crosslinked Nanodomains Containing Iridium Complex for Ammonia Sensing and Catalytic Reaction

IPC2023 Poster Award: Materials Chemistry Frontiers Award - sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry

20P078b  Yota Shiba (Tokai University)
  Fabrication and Evaluation of Drug-Wrapped Adhesive Nanosheets with epidermal regeneration ability

21P038b  Kazuma Kuroiwa (Osaka Institute of Technology)
  Janus particles synthesized by vapor phase polymerization

21P121a  Keita Watanabe (Yamagata University)
  Alicyclic Poly(thioether)s with High Refractive Indices and High Abbe's Numbers Prepared Using Dithiin Derivatives

IPC2023 Poster Award: Materials Horizons Award - sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry

19P029a  Hirotsugu MIYAKAWA (Yamagata University)
  Synthesis of sulfonium cation-containing nano-objects by polymerization-induced self-assemnbly (PISA)

19P068b  Gota Tomono (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Reversible Structural Reorganization between Single-chain Nanoparticles and Cross-linked Polymers Based on Dynamic Covalent Chemistry

20P083a  Thirasara Pituwala Kankanamge (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  New insight into insulin fibrillation assay

IPC2023 Poster Award: Polymer Chemistry Award - sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry

19P010b  Keita Kuroda (Kyoto University)
  Radical Copolymerization of Benzyl Vinyl Ether with Acrylate via Periodic Propagation Involving Isomerization Leading to On-demand Degradable Polymers

19P037a  Koki SAKAI (Nagoya University)
  Living Anionic Polymerization of 2-Vinylpyridine Based on Reversible Activation of C-H Bonds

19P056b  Seiichiro Uchida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Controlled/Living Click Polymerization of Conjugated AB Monomers

IPC2023 Poster Award: Polymer Degradation & Stability Award - sponsored by Elsevier

19P104b  Hao Wang (The University of Tokyo)
  Room-Temperature Self-Healing Glassy Polymers

19P124b  RUIQI LI (The University of Tokyo)
  Synthesis, characterization and biodegradability of paramylon mix ester derivatives with different DS

IPC2023 Poster Award: Polymer Journal Award - sponsored by Springer Nature

19P011a  Tianle Gao (Hokkaido University)
  Switchable Polymerization: from Complex Monomer Mixtures to Poly(ester amide)-based block copolymers

20P021a  Naohiro Kashimura (Hokkaido University)
  Exploration of the relationship between yield point and network strand elongation in well-defined double network gels

20P046b  Hana Watanabe (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  Morphology and tensile properties of transparent immiscible PMMA/EVOH blend